• Store All In One
    Store WWCCs, first aid, internal training and other important documents in the one place.
  • Automated Verification
    Instant and automated verification of WWCCs and VIT Registrations.
  • Personal Accounts
    Accounts for each staff member, contractor, parent and volunteer reducing bottlenecks and reducing admin time.
  • Proactive Renewals
    Individuals using Everproof are proactive in renewing expiring qualifications and accreditations.

Client Success Story: Trinity Grammar School

See how Everproof has helped Trinity Grammar School achieve “an increased renewal and compliance rate with reduced administrative effort.”

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Ensure You Are Compliant with the New Child Safe Standards

The new Child Safe Standards came into effect on 1 January 2017.

Everproof helps organisations meet the Standards by automatically verifying WWCCs.

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Time is Valuable

Each individual gets their own account to update their own records.

This eliminates manual processes for teachers, volunteers and administration staff and frees up time to focus on providing great education.

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