What is Everproof?

Everproof is an online platform that enables organisations and individuals to store, manage, and verify their qualifications and accreditations all in the one secure account. Through a simple interface that is accessible on any device 24/7, Everproof facilitates the automatic, online sharing of qualifications between employers and employees. Everproof solves the problems that many organisations and individuals face surrounding the management, retrieval, and verification of qualifications and training.

My organisation already collects information on qualifications, why should we use Everproof?

Everproof can significantly improve the management of qualifications and training for organisations and individuals. By providing the tools to aggregate and manage records of qualifications and training online, Everproof reduces the administrative burden of handling these records manually. This will save your organisation both time and money. Everproof’s online system also reduces the liability risks faced by employers and employees by providing a simple method of ensuring qualifications and training are both valid and current.

Can Everproof work with my organisation’s administration system?

Everproof enables and encourages members of an organisation to contribute to the information flow, meaning that Everproof is likely to be an organisation’s most up-to-date data source for qualifications and training. For this reason, Everproof works effectively as a stand-alone platform alongside your organisation’s existing administration system. There is also scope for organisations to have their administration system integrated with Everproof, contact us for more information.

How much does Everproof cost?

Everproof’s Personal Accounts are free to individuals and Employer Accounts are available to organisations for a subscription fee. Everproof’s pricing structure is very flexible so all organisations can access the great benefits that our system provides. Once you contact us to begin your free trial, we will ask you a few questions about the size and type of your organisation so we can work together to tailor a package that is best for you.

How does Everproof ensure data and personal information is secure?

Everproof uses a number of security measures to ensure your data and personal information is safe. Furthermore, your data can only be viewed by those you have given consent to. To find out more information on our privacy practices, you can view our privacy policy here.

Personal Account

How do I create an account and with Everproof?

You can click here to create your very own personal Everproof Account for free! Alternatively, if your employer already has an account for the Organisation, they’ll be able to add you in directly and send you a login email.

How do I access my Everproof Account

If you’ve already set up a password, you can login to your account here. If you’ve never set up your password, or forgot it, simply click the Forgotten your Password link to receive an email to login.

What do the colours of my qualifications represent?

Your qualifications will be one of four colours that correspond to the different statuses they can hold:
Green: Qualifications that have been verified by our automatic verification process.
Blue: Non-expired, valid qualifications that have not been verified automatically.
Yellow: Any qualifications that are expiring in the next 90 days.
Red: Expired or invalid qualifications.

What do I do when a qualification is expired?

If you have your new/renewed qualification, you can add this into your account, or edit and update your existing qualification. If you choose to add a new qualification, you can edit and expire the existing one. For expired qualifications, you can keep these in your account for reference, or delete them from view.

Who can see my qualifications?

When you add a new qualification to Everproof, you can select who should be able to see it. Visible to: Linked Organisations means that any organisations you’re connected with can view this qualification. Visible to: Only Me means that linked organisations will not be able to see this qualification. This allows you to add qualifications for your own personal use, outside of what your organisation may require.

How does Everproof verify my qualifications?

Everproof’s innovative technology runs a verification check with selected institutions via an automated process. This means we can verify qualifications more reliably and much faster than companies who have a manual verification process.

Why can only some of my qualifications be verified?

At this stage, Everproof’s verification functionality only works with selected institutions. As we continue to grow, we will be able to verify qualifications from more and more institutions as our technology is easily compatible with different database structures.

What if I can’t remember all the details of my qualification?

That’s okay! Just fill in as much as you can so you can maintain a record in your account. We recommend at least getting the expiry date entered (if applicable) so you’ll be reminded when it’s due to renew. You can also easily upload a photo of the document to keep record of this online.

Why am I getting email reminders from Everproof?

Everproof only sends email reminders for important events which are: expiring qualifications, new qualification requirements, and non-compliance with a current role.

Can I share my qualifications with others?

Your Public qualifications are shared with any organisations you’re linked to in Everproof. You can also choose to share all or selected qualifications with anyone via email, whether or not they’re a Everproof user.

How often do I need to update my account?

You only need to update your account when you have new or renewed qualifications. However, your account is available 24/7 online or on your mobile.

What if I leave the organisation I am working for?

Your Personal Everproof account is yours for life. If you leave the organisation you are working with, you can continue to access the benefits of Everproof. We recommend having your organisation ensure your Everproof account is tied to a personal email address before unlinking you from their account.

Organisation Account

I’ve reached the maximum number of employees or account managers allowed on my subscription, how can I add more?

You can add more employees or account managers to your subscription by contacting us.

What happens once the free trial ends?

Once your free trial ends you and your organisation will no longer have access to your Everproof accounts. If you’d like to continue to store, manage and verify your employees’ qualifications with Everproof, contact us to purchase a subscription.

How do I renew or upgrade my subscription?

We’re happy to help you, please contact us or click the link on the Employer Account Details page.

What happens when someone leaves my organisation?

If a user leaves your organisation you can unlink the account by clicking the “X” next to his/her name on the View People page . Qualification history will be saved in the Archives and the Personal Account will continue to exist, but it will no longer be linked to your organisation. We recommend making sure the email address is updated to a personal email.

What happens if an employee lies about their qualifications or expiry dates?

Everproof puts the responsibility on the employee to keep the information about their qualifications accurate. When an employee creates an account, they give an undertaking that the information they upload about their qualifications is accurate.

What is auto-archive?

Auto-archive captures a snapshot of all users’ qualifications on a scheduled cycle and sends the information to a designated email address. Account Managers can always pull this report on an ad hoc basis and all downloads are available within Everproof. Snapshots allow you to revisit what qualifications everyone had at a particular period in time.

Can auto-archive emails be sent to more than one person?

Auto-archive emails can only be sent to one email address at present, however any Account Manager will be able to view and download past archive files.

Is supporting documentation included in the Archive?

Supporting documentation such as academic transcripts and photos are not captured in the auto-archive process. Copies of supporting files can be saved directly from the View People page.

How do I create multiple employee accounts?

Everproof can create multiple employee accounts at once, just contact us and we’ll take it from there.

More Questions?

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