Client Success Story: Trinity Grammar School

Carley Galasso
23 February 2017

A more robust database of qualification and training records

Prior to implementing Everproof, Trinity was using its existing HR/payroll system to store qualifications and training records. This database was often incomplete or out of date because it was reliant on staff to provide a member of the administration team with hard copy record of any new or renewed qualification. By contrast, “Everproof’s easy-to-use interface encouraged and incentivised staff to engage with the system. By enabling staff to manage their own qualifications and actively contribute to the information flow, Everproof has created a far more robust and up-to-date database of staff qualifications whilst eliminating the need for a member of our administration team to undertake the time consuming task of entering this data.”

Ultimately, implementing Everproof has highlighted areas of compliance that were not fully addressed by our existing payroll/HR system. I believe that by using Everproof, we now have the best possible processes in place to ensure a compliant and safe work place.

Child Safe Standards: Automated verification of Working With Children Checks & VIT Registrations

Trinity also benefits from Everproof’s automated verification of WWCCs and VIT Registrations which run on a scheduled cycle once a week. No longer does Trinity have a static database of WWCC information for non-teaching staff, contractors and volunteers which required constant oversight. Instead, Everproof checks the validity of the WWCCs automatically and Trinity administration staff are notified if a WWCC has been revoked or invalidated. This means a staff member no longer has to manually enter WWCC information one-by-one on the DOJ’s Check Status Facility each time Trinity wants to ensure a WWCC is valid. Everproof also picks up individuals that have not registered Trinity as an affiliated organisation.

Kirsty says that, “through Everproof’s automatic verification and expiry reminders, we have seen an increased renewal and compliance rate with reduced administrative effort.”

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