Our Story

Bringing qualifications into the 21st century

We built a product that helps individuals and organisations digitise some of our most valuable information - qualifications.

In a world where everything is moving from paper to digital, we're committed to making sure qualifications don't fall behind.

Everproof is a company born from necessity. In our previous roles, my co-founders and I were required to have up to five different qualifications in order to be compliant.

Stored on plastic cards or paper certificates that were hung on our walls and filed away in our drawers - we found that our qualifications would often get lost or expire without us even noticing.

This gave us the idea for Everproof - a seamless platform that makes this valuable information interactive and at your fingertips. A platform which digitises qualifications, so that you can access, share and renew them at ease. A platform that brings your hard earned qualifications into the 21st century.

We're also passionate about helping organisations. Whether it be a local childcare centre, sports club or a school, we're making workplaces and community organisations safer for all by making this important information more accessible, verifiable and easy to aggregate through our Everproof organisation accounts.

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- Nathan Merzvinskis (CEO)

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